about us


Start of the company – selling jogging suits.


Placing the first orders directly in Italy.


Start of our own production company – production of, among other things, jogging suits.


Start joint venture in Poland for the production of training suits.


Start joint venture in India for the production of T-shirts – and polos.


Start preparation setup ecological dyeing plant in India.


Joint venture on the first ecological dyeing plant in India – Mahan Ltd.

All the used water is biologically cleaned and re-used for 95% (as 5% is evaporated during processes).


Start preparations for the setup of a production plant in Bangladesh.

Together with CNV International, Marie Jose Alting von Geusau worked out the CSR policy.


Start research for the production of a 100% recycled yarn.


High visit to our production plant in Bangladesh, as by then minister Ploumen, who acted as textile minister on behalf of the EU came to visit us.

This year another 20 NGO's and a few Ceo’s from major international fashion companies visit our production plant in Bangladesh.

Jos Hubert (senior policy advisor ministry of foreign affairs) and Jef Wintermans, SER social and economic council, (coordinator international CSR), visit our production plant.


Attack just 1,200 meters from our apartment in downtown Dhaka - Bangladesh by Islamic State (I.S.)

Departure from Bangladesh where everything that has been built up is left behind. Due to negative travel advice, buyers are banning Bangladesh and it is decided to close our wonderful company.


During the period 2016 – 2018 a further development on 100% recycled yarn is made in India.

TüV testing, with great results, on products made at the highest level.

Further steps are made to use used clothing to produce a 100% recycled yarn. Again with a great result.

A customer would like to participate in a test. Taking used work trousers and overalls from which new T-shirts are produced.

Tested by TüV. Excellent results.

Now we can realise both pre- and postconsumer production.


Start collaborations with different companies in the field of industrial laundries, raw material collectors, fashion brands and industrial relations.

100% circular clothing

We produce your products, WITHOUT using new raw materials.
We turn cutting waste as well as used clothing into new yarns and therefore new products. 

In addition to saving on raw materials, we also achieve demonstrable ecological benefits and ensure economic growth.

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Savings on 1 circular produced T-shirt made
from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.


1,51 kilo
2.942 liter
0,17 kilo
0,17 liter
0,43 kilo

production in the netherlands

From  2020 we produce T-shirts from The Netherlands. Polos and sweaters will follow soon after.

TÜV: The products we deliver are tested and will per delivery tested by the German TÜV, there is no better guarantee for a premium product.

Current orders are still being executed in our factory in India.

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The circular economy not only requires closed material cycles and renewable energy, but also system thinking.

We are looking for (global) partners - such as;

Collectors of used textile products

Industrial laundry services

Industrial companies

Fashion brands

which for long have been engaged in circular thinking.

Let us work together to make the textile industry visible again from The Netherlands!

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